Ameren Illinois Natural Gas Provider

Ameren Illinois is a natural gas delivery company that delivers natural gas to over 800,000 customers throughout the central and southern areas of the state. Their regional headquarters is based out of Peoria, IL.  If you are looking to potentially save money on your monthly gas bill, you are allowed to choose your own natural gas supplier. At Santanna Energy Services, we can supply industrial and commercial Ameren customers with competitively priced natural gas.

Ameren Rates and Ameren Alternatives

Fortunately for consumers, as a result of the deregulation of the natural gas industry, competitive options have been made available to those seeking to use an independent natural gas supplier. Before deregulation, consumers depended on local utilities for both supply and delivery. Now, there is a choice for industrial and commercial customers looking for alternatives. At Santanna Energy Services, we offer competitively priced solutions for natural gas. Our transportation programs allow for the purchase of natural gas at low prices and typically include the ability to store gas during the summer for use in the winter when prices are typically higher.

Santanna Energy Services and Ameren Illinois

At Santanna Energy Services, we believe in concentrating on what we do best and that is obtaining the absolute best natural gas prices for our industrial and commercial customers. Because we only supply the gas, you can still enjoy the same dependable delivery service from Ameren. Ameren Illinois will be responsible for all aspects associated with the delivery of your gas including all emergencies such as gas leaks. For over 25 years, industrial customers and business owners have depended on the competitive natural gas rates and superior customer service provided by Santanna Energy Services. For more information about our natural gas supply services for industrial and commercial customers in Illinois, contact us today. We look forward to providing you with the premium service and competitive prices that you have been searching for.

How Switching Can Control Your Natural Gas Costs

With Santanna’s fixed rate natural gas plan, we can offer you a low fixed rate on your natural gas. This helps you avoid price fluctuations throughout the seasons and avoid unexpected price hikes.

To determine if switching to Santanna Energy Services is the right choice for you, simply grab your natural gas bills from the past year and find the average rate that you have received for natural gas. Compare that to our low fixed rate and see how much you can save.

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