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Dominion East Ohio is one of Ohio’s largest natural gas utilities. Being in the natural gas delivery business means that their primary responsibility is for the delivery of natural gas to homes and businesses throughout Ohio. Because Dominion East is a natural gas utility only delivering natural gas, consumers may reduce natural gas costs by choosing an independent natural gas supplier such as Santanna Energy Services. Natural gas suppliers may offer better rates or different programs for your natural gas compared to Dominion East.

Dominion East Gas Rates and Alternatives

Dominion East is a natural gas utility, which delivers natural gas to your home or business and services the natural gas lines. When you buy natural gas from Dominion East, they charge you their price for natural gas running through their lines and into your home. Thanks to the deregulation of natural utilities throughout the nation, homeowners and business owners have the power to choose an independent natural gas supplier that uses the same physical facilities through Dominion East as you always had.

The Customer Choice program through Dominion East, gives you the choice to shop and compare rates to other natural gas suppliers. When you depend on a single utility to provide you with both your natural gas supply and delivery services, you are often subject to fluctuating prices that can go up when you least expect it. Santanna Energy Services is a certified supplier for Dominion East and a Licensed Alternative Gas Supplier.

Fortunately, when you choose an independent natural gas supplier such as Santanna Energy Services, you can lock in a low natural gas rate. With Santanna Energy’s Fixed Price Security Plan, you can enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that your natural gas rates will never increase unexpectedly for the duration of the contract. This type of price security is not normally available to Dominion East customers and Santanna’s prices are often lower compared to the rates you would get through Dominion East. Just grab your last natural gas bill to determine if Santanna is a better choice for you. Your choice is risk free as you continue to be billed through Dominion East and even if you do not renew a contract with Santanna, you can switch your natural gas supply back.

Benefits of Choosing Santanna

  • No long term contracts.
  • Santanna never charges a sign up fee.
  • No interruption to your service.
  • Fixed Price
  • No unexpected price increase
  • Receive one bill from Dominion East.
  • Continue to contact Dominion East for emergencies, billing, service and repairs.
  • Call to renew your agreement with Santanna Energy Services at any time – no penalty.

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Santanna Energy Services And Dominion East

At Santanna Energy Services, we focus on obtaining the best natural gas prices for you and delivering them through your local utility. Going with an independent natural gas supplier means that you have the power to choose the best rate. Currently, when you sign up with Santanna, you receive a fixed natural gas rate.

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