Santanna Energy Services Employee Owned Company

You may have heard about companies being owned by large corporations where they aren’t too involved or attached to their employees or customers. At Santanna Energy Services, we are 100% Employee Owned! Every current employee is an employee owner who cares and values our customers as much as we do in the company.

As an employee-owned company, every person on our team is dedicated to our mission of developing lifelong relationships with our customers and our communities. As a result, our customers have peace of mind knowing that their energy needs are being met by people who share their same values and who are committed to providing outstanding service quality.

Santanna Energy made this historic transition as of January 3rd, 2017! Santanna Energy has been around for over 30 years delivering Natural Gas and Electricity into your homes. Our employee owners are one big family – which makes YOU a part of the family as well!

Why did Santanna Energy become Employee Owned? At Santanna, we wanted to create liquidity for the previous shareholders without selling in the marketplace and create a stock-based employee benefit that is directly related to the success of Santanna. With this program, it aligns employee motivations with Santanna’s long-term success and ensures Santanna is around for another 30 years!

How does this work? The Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) owns 100% of Santanna Stock. Stock share are allocated to eligible employees by the Trustee. Share value is calculated annually based upon the performance of the company and the ESOP is fully funded by the company.

With this opportunity comes benefits for the employees! Every employee has an opportunity of ownership which is not a common opportunity within other companies. Fewer than 1 in 200 companies are employee owned in the U.S. Employee owners share directly in the success they are helping to create and stock is allocated to employees at absolutely NO COST to them. Another benefit in this program is long-term creation of retirement wealth!

What is the difference between “Employee Owned” and ESOP? Think of “Employee Owned” as the destination and “ESOP” as the vehicle. Being an “employee owner” is broken down into a tier system to differentiate the level of ownership: Participant, Partner and Principal. As a Participant, all employees start off in this tier. By extending an offer of employment, Santanna recognizes the potential contributions they bring to the company. A Participant becomes a Partner when eligible to make elective deferrals into the 401(k) plan which is offered January 1st or July 1st of the plan year following completion of 1 year of service. After receiving their first share allocation, a Partner becomes a Principal Employee Owner!

Every employee at Santanna Energy Services plays an essential part – whether they are in Operations, Finance, Sales, Customer Services, IT and more. The key difference in an Employee Owned company like Santanna is that team members not only contribute; they are also recognized for their contribution with a stake of ownership. Whether you are beginning the journey as a Participant, have transitioned to Partner, or have committed in becoming a Principal, we have the responsibility of making Santanna the supplier of CHOICE!

We are thrilled to give the dedicated employees of Santanna an opportunity to have a real stake in their collective success. We believe this sense of ownership is imperative in promoting a corporate culture where achievement is shared and innovation is celebrated,” announced Greg Rabaey, President, Santanna Energy Services.


Santanna takes pride in our people-first mentality. This employee ownership certification is our way of acknowledging a dedicated workforce committed to The Company’s future,” added Richard McDonald, Vice President of Finance, Santanna Energy Services.


Santanna Energy provides service to thousands of residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional customers in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania. We understand our industry and know what our customers are looking for. We want to make your house feel like a home. Santanna makes it easy to switch, with no service interruption and your current utility will continue to deliver and service your products!

What else can we offer? We value our customers – offering unique customer rewards for benefits like shopping, dining, travel AND a NEW customer referral program as well as tremendous customer service. In our New Customer Rewards Program, our customers can earn $25 a month in rewards dollars – that’s $300 a YEAR! The best part – the rewards never expire! We strive every day to be the best we can be as your choice for your Energy Needs!

We Should Be Your Energy Choice!

For more information on our plans and products or to enroll in a plan please contact us by phone at 630-552-6881 and our website: