Great ways to save money and energy this year

For some, saving money is top priority, for others it seems like an extremely difficult task. With the new year here and resolutions made, why not add saving energy to that list, which in turn saves you money! For some, living paycheck to paycheck makes it seem like a huge undertaking to try and build…



Energy Deregulation in the United States

Due to deregulation, many states throughout the U.S. have given you, “the consumer,” the choice of your supplier of gas and/or electric service. If you have never heard of energy deregulation or if you have, but have no idea what exactly that means, we will do our best to break it down for you.  …



Wondering if you qualify for energy assistance?

With winter upon us and the fact that your energy bills are inevitably going to go up, do you know if you qualify for any energy assistance? There are programs in place to help you out over the cold winter months that lie ahead.   LIHEAP The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program helps families…



Holiday Tips to Save Time and Energy

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, but it also can be a taxing time for energy consumption. Both you and your home get a serious workout on Thanksgiving. Santanna Energy Services is here to offer up some holiday tips to save time and energy this holiday season. Plan dishes that can be made along…



Preparing your Vehicle for Winter Driving

Winter is right around the corner and it’s that time to start thinking about being prepared for winter driving in the event of a breakdown or a nasty winter storm. Many of us, unfortunately, have to venture out even when the weather isn’t the greatest. In order to prepare for the harsh weather and winter…



Energy Saving Habits in Your Home

We’re all guilty of having some bad habits in life, whether it’s eating junk food, biting your nails, or even wasting energy around your home. Unfortunately, there are a large number of energy wasting habits that you may be partaking in that are wasting your money every single day. With a great number of energy…



Are Solar Panels Worth it?

Chances are you’ve seen them, whether it be on your neighbors roof or on the roof of a large business. Solar panels are becoming very common in the United States due to the simple fact that they harness energy from the sun and help cut down energy use. Less energy use equates to saved money…