Energy Saving Habits in Your Home

We’re all guilty of having some bad habits in life, whether it’s eating junk food, biting your nails, or even wasting energy around your home. Unfortunately, there are a large number of energy wasting habits that you may be partaking in that are wasting your money every single day. With a great number of energy wasting habits available to the average American, it is no surprise that America has become the number one energy wasting country in the world according to Forbes. Below you will find some energy saving habits that can help cut down on energy costs.

With such an importance placed in today’s society on saving our natural resources and saving energy, changes need to be made in everyday lifestyle to combat these issues. Fortunately for you (and your wallet), there are some immediate opportunities to quickly help you save money and become energy efficient. Below are some of these simple opportunities:

  • Replace your incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs, it will save you about $40 per bulb!
  • Avoid sleeping with your television on, if this is a nightly occurrence for you, it is costing you about $55 per year
  • Unplug charged laptops, cell phones, or other re-chargeable items. Charging after they hit 100% is simply an energy waste
  • Unplug “energy vampires” while they are not in use. Try using a timed power switch to save electricity!
  • Program your thermostat if possible, it can save around $200 per year!
  • In the summer, avoid baking as it works against the use of air conditioning
  • Replace air filters as they block the flow of air if dirty
  • Remember to turn off lights if you do not need them or if you’re leaving a room
  • Avoid overusing heat or air conditioning to the point that your home is at an uncomfortable temperature

By utilizing these energy saving tips for your home, you can help save energy and money immediately! One other option to help potentially save money is to look at the cost of your natural gas and electricity each month. If you are unsatisfied with the rate that you are being charged for natural gas and electricity, consider an alternative energy supplier such as Santanna Energy Services. An alternative supplier can lock you into a fixed rate which can help keep your energy bills at a more consistent cost.