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Renewable Energy

Power Your Home With Clean Energy

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Power Your Home With Clean Energy

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Our Santanna Renewable plan is available now for residents in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Illinois!

Why Choose a Renewable Energy Plan?

Non-fossil fuel sources like wind & solar reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs) and carbon emissions linked to climate change.

Our Santanna Renewable plan supplies you with the energy you need while boosting the use of renewable sources.

* Santanna will purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from a variety of renewable generation types in the U.S. to match 100% of your electricity consumption.

Common Questions

About Renewable Energy

What is renewable energy?2021-11-09T14:54:03+00:00

Renewable energy refers to any energy source that can be used more than once. Renewable energy sources include wind energy, solar energy, hydropower, biomass, and geothermal energy. They are called renewable because they are naturally replenished in a short period of time. On the other hand, fossil fuels like coal can only be burned once to create energy.

What are the benefits of renewable energy?2021-11-08T17:38:01+00:00

Renewable energy has many economic and environmental benefits. Renewable energy is much more efficient compared to fossil fuels. A wind farm or a solar field, for example, can be built once and generate clean energy efficiently for decades. Switching to renewable energy can also help you save money. A recent report published by Rewiring America shows that the average American household could save on average between $1,050 to $2,585 per year on its energy bills, when powered by renewable energy.1

What is a renewable energy certificate (REC)?2021-11-08T18:05:20+00:00

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines a renewable energy certificate (REC) as a tradeable, market-based instrument that represents the legal property rights to the “renewable-ness” — or all non-power attributes — of renewable electricity generation.1

A REC is issued for every megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity generated and delivered to the electric grid from a renewable energy resource. RECs can then be sold and purchased in the renewable electricity market. Energy suppliers like Santanna purchase RECs from different renewable generation owners, and then pass along the benefits to their residential and commercial retail energy customers.

RECs are effectively the currency of the renewable energy market. RECs give you the ability to support renewable energy even if you cannot generate renewable energy at your home or service location. For more information about RECs and how they work, please visit the EPA’s website at:

How else can I support renewable energy?2021-11-09T21:56:05+00:00

In addition to purchasing renewable energy, there are many other things we can do on our own to combat climate change. Smart home recycling, water and waste management habits, for example, makes us more eco-friendly energy consumers. Energy audits and routine HVAC maintenance can ensure better home energy efficiency. We can choose to buy safer, environmentally friendly products and appliances.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website also has more tips and information related to a variety of renewable energy, environmental, and climate change topics.

Do I need special equipment with a renewable energy plan?2021-11-09T21:59:28+00:00

When choosing a renewable energy plan, many people often imagine having to install new equipment or making home renovations. When you purchase renewable energy, you are actually directing power produced from renewable sources to be delivered onto the grid based on your purchase.

Other lifestyle choices can be made, of course, to combat climate change and support renewable energy. Some of these choices may or may not involve purchasing additional equipment or making changes to your property. Installing solar panels on your roof, in order to generate your own renewable electricity on site at your home, is one example.

Choosing a Santanna renewable energy plan, however, does not require buying other products or special equipment. In fact, the only thing you need to do, is sit back and take pride knowing that you’re helping to combat climate change.

How do I know renewable electricity is flowing into my home?2021-11-09T22:00:18+00:00

When you choose a renewable energy plan, it does not mean that the physical properties of the electricity will be sent directly thru the poles and wires into your home. Instead, the renewable electricity is delivered onto the grid on your behalf. The environmental benefits are the same, since you are helping to reduce carbon emissions by supporting the production of renewable electricity – energy that would have otherwise been produced by fossil fuels such as coal or crude oil.

Together, we can combat climate change.

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