Tornados affect thousands of people across the country every year, primarily in the spring and summer months. However, watch out! Tornados can strike at any time of year. They can also affect a wide geography: “Tornado Alley” ranges from the Canadian prairies to central Texas and from eastern Colorado to western Pennsylvania.

Tornados bring massive wind, destruction, and some fatalities. The CDC reports that the 2020 tornado season claimed the lives of 76 people and injured hundreds more. Fifty-one percent of these victims were in a mobile home or trailer park at the time of the tornado. These storms caused billions of dollars in damage.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA), safety during a tornado is not always guaranteed, but you can survive if you follow proper safety precautions. Below are our best tips to keep you and your family safe during tornados.


Be Prepared 

Be sure to equip yourself with the following items:

  • Battery-operated TV, radio, and Internet-enabled devices. (Plus, don’t forget fresh batteries.)
  • An emergency kit containing water, non-perishable food, first aid supplies and common medications.
  • A tornado emergency plan which includes access to a safe shelter for yourself, pets, and family.


Be Aware of Weather Conditions

It’s important to pay close attention to changing weather conditions in your area. Some tornados strike without time for a proper warning, but here are some signs that a tornado may be approaching:

  • A dark or green-colored sky
  • A large, dark, low-lying cloud
  • Large hail
  • A loud roar that sounds like a freight train


Know Where to Shelter 

During a tornado, falling and flying debris causes the most injuries and death. While there may not be a place that is completely safe during a tornado, some locations are safer than others.

  • Move to a basement or a room without windows on the lowest floor of your house (bathroom, closet, center hallway).
  • Always avoid rooms with windows.
  • For added protection, get under something sturdy (a heavy table or workbench).
  • Cover your body with a blanket, sleeping bag or mattress. Protect your head with anything available.
  • Never stay in a mobile home.


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