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Santanna Energy Services offers cost effective FIXED RATE Electricity and Natural Gas Plans!

Our Fixed Rate Plans let you lock in a low price that NEVER increases for the duration of your contract!

Our Fixed Rate Plans let you lock in your rate, even if rates go up or down each month!

3, 6, 12 and 18 month options available.

It is Easy to Switch with No Service Interruption!

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Introducing our NEW Product – Prime PLUS!

Reward yourself in more ways than one! Better than a regular fixed price program with protection from increases in rates AND the security of lowered rates when market prices drop below your fixed rate. Then get REWARDED every time you pay your bill!

How does Prime PLUS work?
A guaranteed fixed price per unit with reduced rate option. This plan is the best of both worlds – protection from rate increases with the benefit of paying a lower price if the market decreases. This plan guarantees you won’t pay more than your price per unit for 12 months, even if market prices go up. With the Rate Reduction Benefit, if market prices go down, you pay the lower price, guaranteed!

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