Prime Plus: Pay the “right price” all the time. Automatically.

Totally convenient. Totally new. Totally Santanna.

Did You Know?

You can upgrade to “Prime Plus” as a residential customer in Illinois! Prime Plus is like a regular fixed price program but better. You get the security of rates that won’t increase AND the benefit of potentially paying a lower price if the wholesale price decreases. Choose Prime Plus to get the best of both worlds.

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Prime Plus At A Glance

It’s like insurance for your energy plan!

• Don’t miss out when rates decline.
• Protect yourself from rate increases.
• Pay the “right price” all the time – Automatically.

How is this Plan Different? How does it Work?

• Automatic rate adjustments: You’ll never go above the capped rate and if rates decline, yours could too.

• It’s the next evolution in fixed rates: No more rate hopping – Santanna manages the hassle and complexity for you.

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According to Michael Westcott, Inside Sales Representative, “Prime Plus is an innovative way of
purchasing energy. Enjoy life without worrying about your energy rates: you receive security
and flexibility automatically without lifting a finger.”

Get more value from Prime Plus when you use your Rewards Dollars.

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