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Upon closer examination of your monthly utility bills from The Illuminating Company, you will notice that you pay a separate charge for supply and delivery. As a result of deregulation, you can now choose an independent supplier for both electricity and natural gas. The Electric Ohio Customer Choice Program and Natural Gas Choice Program, gives you the option to choose both products to potentially save you money. To learn more about the Choice Programs visit: When you choose Santanna Energy Services as your independent energy supplier:

  • You will still receive delivery of your gas and electric through The Illuminating Company
  • Your current service will not be disrupted during the transition
  • Emergency services and billing will be the responsibility of The Illuminating Company
  • Santanna never charges a sign up fee

What do you have to lose? With competitive electric and natural gas prices, as well as reliable delivery from your local utility you have everything to gain. To find out if our natural gas prices and electric rates are lower than what you are paying, enter your zip code below.

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For over 30 years, homeowners and business owners have depended on the competitive natural gas prices, electric rates, and superior customer service provided by Santanna Energy Services. Enter your zip code to find out if our natural gas or electricity supply services can possibly save you money on your monthly utility bills. If you have any questions or concerns, contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives. We look forward to providing you with the premium service and competitive prices that you have been searching for.