Reasons to Try Cooking With Gas This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time for families to get together and spend time with one another. However, the holidays are also the time to eat good food! With big cooking holidays coming up like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year, you may be asking yourself whether a gas stove or an electric stove will be a better option.

We go through the advantages of cooking with natural gas this holiday season!

1. Spend less time in the kitchen.

By far, the biggest advantage natural gas ranges have over electric ranges is its response time. Natural gas ranges heat up a lot faster than their electric counterparts and reach optimal temperature for cooking a lot faster. Electric stovetops and ovens work by heating a coil that distributes heat. However, this means waiting for a cold coil to get hot enough to use for cooking or hot enough to warm the oven interior. The time it takes to wait for the stove or oven to heat up is drastically shortened with a gas range making cooking times shorter.

Gas burners also cool down a lot faster than electric burners. When making delicate things like gravies and sauces, cooking on a gas burner is ideal as the temperature can go to very high to low simmering temperatures a lot faster. 

2. Dependable during a power outage.

Gas ranges are also dependable during a pinch. Gas ranges do not depend on electricity to run. Nobody wants to plan a huge turkey dinner and then be hit with an electrical outage that ruins all the turkey day plans.

With gas ranges, no matter what kind of winter weather you’re having outside, cooking meals goes on normally and as planned. 

3. Easy to clean and use.

Electric stoves are a pain to clean. Cleaning electric burners involves lifting or removing the heating coil to clean spilled and cooked on food and grease in the pan. If you have a flat top electric stove, it means scrubbing at dried food particles.

Natural gas ranges are easier to clean. Maintenance and cleaning require removing the steel grate and wiping away food crumbs or using a multipurpose spray to efficiently clean.

Alternatively, many homeowners have easily cleaned their gas ranges via natural means. The baking soda or vinegar method of cleaning is quick and easy and doesn’t give your home a rancid chemical smell.

3. More precision and control in your cooking.

Professional chefs prefer using gas ranges for this precision control. You can set your oven temperature to a more precise temperature, for example, if you have a gas range. Even with the stovetop, there is less risk of overcooking because of the ability to precisely control the temperature on your gas range.

Additionally, cooking with natural gas ranges means a more moist and succulent cooking style. So when cooking turkey, ham, or roasts for the holidays, it’s a much better option to cook with natural gas.

4. Saves money.

In terms of upfront costs, electric and gas stoves cost about the same, with higher-end ranges costing you more. You can buy a lower-end electric range to mitigate costs. However, the cost of operation over time will cost you more in the long run.

This is because electric stoves and natural gas stoves work differently. When you turn on an electric stove, it takes time for the coils to go from cold to hot, using up electricity before you even get started cooking.

Natural gas stoves, on the other hand, run on a gas pipeline that is fed up to the burners of your stove that is instantly ignited when you turn on your stove. You can then turn down the gas depending on your need when cooking. Because gas stoves allow you to cook more instantaneously and there isn’t a need to wait around for it to get hot enough, you are using less energy and therefore saving more money.

If you need natural gas services for your new kitchen stove, contact us to talk to a representative about the best price for you and your family!

Cooking with a gas range is a great option this holiday season. From efficiency of cooking to ease and precision and the ability to cook more succulent foods, natural gas stoves make for a better choice when cooking this holiday season. When you switch your natural gas service to Santanna Energy, you can expect great service at a price you can depend on. As our staff how you can take advantage or our rewards program and save more money!