Santanna Energy Services joins Certified Employee Owned Network!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, February 12, 2019 – Austin, TX

Santanna Energy Services (Santanna) is proud to announce the Company’s official Employee-Owned Certification and beginning the formation of its first official Employee Ownership Committee.

After 30 years as an established presence in the natural gas and electricity supply industry, Santanna is still committed to its core values of: Commitment, Honesty, Outstanding Quality of Service, Innovation, Collaboration and Excellence.


Since making the transition to 100% full employee ownership, Santanna is taking the ultimate step in committing to its key differentiating asset- its employees. The Company is now in the process of forming its first official Employee Ownership Committee, which will give employees from each department a forum to communicate on topics that directly involve fellow employee owners.


“We are thrilled to give the dedicated employees of Santanna an opportunity to have a real stake in their collective success. We believe this sense of ownership is imperative in promoting a corporate culture where achievement is shared and innovation is celebrated,” announced Greg Rabaey, President, Santanna Energy Services.


“Santanna takes pride in our people-first mentality. This employee ownership certification is our way of acknowledging a dedicated workforce committed to The Company’s future,” added Richard McDonald, Vice President of Finance, Santanna Energy Services.


Over the next 30 years, Santanna plans to remain committed to its employees and their success, with the ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) now added to its existing employee benefits package.


For more information, please contact Erik Granjeno-Ortega at or visit the Santanna Energy Services website at For over 30 years, Santanna Energy Services has been the energy supplier of choice for hundreds of thousands of customers.  Santanna supplies natural gas and electricity to residential, commercial, and industrial customers across the Midwest.

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