Being productive isn’t always easy. Most of us start each day with good intentions, and we plan on tackling each task that comes our way with maximum effort and energy. However, more often than not, your day ends up going something like this: There are so many crucial tasks on your list that it’s almost impossible to prioritize. Or a project took way longer than you thought it would; then an unexpected activity comes up and takes the rest of your free time. Or you can’t stop checking your phone. Even though life is full of distractions, below are some tips to help you make the most out of each day.

  1. There’s an App for that

If you’re already glued to your phone, you might as well use it to get a few things done! The first step in making a better to-do list is deciding where to keep it. While there’s nothing wrong with paper, apps do have a few advantages over paper lists.

  • Apps have built-in reminders
  • Digital lists are easier to edit.
  • You can’t lose a digital list that’s saved to the cloud.
  • You can change how you view your tasks, such as by priority, due date, or alphabetically.
  1. Assign Due Dates

When something has a due date, it helps you to better prioritize. Due dates can be effective for two reasons:

  • First, listing out all your tasks that are due “today” will give you a better sense of how your day will go. If you’re overwhelmed by too many tasks, you can reschedule a few for a later date.
  • Second, by giving tasks due dates, you’re planning out the rest of your week more effectively. This is an excellent time-management strategy as well.
  1. You’re Allowed to say “No”

Are you feeling over-scheduled and overcommitted? You’ve probably agreed to do too many things at once. When someone approaches you for help, but you already have a lot on your plate, it’s important to remind yourself that almost nothing requires an immediate response. Take a step back and evaluate whether or not you can commit. If you’re not feeling up for it, just be honest.

  1. Get Ahead

One of the best tips for successfully completing a task is to start early. If you have any extra free time, try completing as much as possible ahead of schedule. Even if a project isn’t due for a few weeks, it never hurts to get a head start.

  1. Get Moving

Are you stuck on a particular task? Get up and get moving! Even just going for a short walk around the block can get your heart rate up, your limbs moving, and blood flowing. This will clear your head and get your motivation back in order to complete your task.


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