In December 2020, Santanna Energy Services launched Predict-A-Bill for residential Natural Gas customers in Illinois. This exciting new energy plan is designed for customers who value stable, “predictable” energy bills.  Now, Predict-A-Bill is available to residential Natural Gas and Electricity customers in selected service territories in Ohio and Pennsylvania!


Predict-A-Bill is …. “Predictable” …. Every Month

With Predict-A-Bill, customers pay the same dollar amount each month for one full year for their Natural Gas or Electricity. Plus, since customers on a Predict-A-Bill plan can use as much energy as they need*, they can focus on staying comfortable in their homes and enjoying what matters most in life, instead of worrying about their energy bill.

Santanna is excited about expanding Predict-A-Bill to more customers: According to Leticia Basak, Director of Mid-West Operations, “Predict-A-Bill was developed from the outside-in with a lot of customer input. It is specifically designed to simplify energy bills bringing peace of mind and security to our customers. Be sure to choose this plan to eliminate the highs and lows typical of monthly energy bills.”

Each customer pays a specific price for Predict-A-Bill. Santanna’s energy experts calculate this monthly customized dollar amount based on

  • The customer’s prior Natural Gas use
  • Normal weather patterns
  • The market price for Natural Gas


Which Products Are Being Introduced?

Predict-A-Bill energy plans for Electricity are now available to residential customers in the following service territories:

  • AEP Columbus Southern Power
  • AEP Ohio Power Company
  • Ohio Edison
  • The Illuminating Company
  • Toledo Edison
  • Duquesne Light
  • Pennsylvania Power & Light Co.

Residential customers in the following service territories can bundle Predict-A-Bill energy plans for Electricity and Natural Gas creating a complete Predict-A-Bill home energy solution:

  • Duke Energy
  • PECO


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Santanna Energy Services is constantly working on new products and energy plans to fit changing lifestyle needs! For more information on Santanna’s plans or to enroll in a plan like Predict-A-Bill, call 630-552-6881 or go online to:

About Santanna Energy Services
Santanna Energy Services, located in Austin, TX and Bolingbrook IL, is a Natural Gas and Electricity Provider for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial customers. Founded in 1988, Santanna has been in business for 32 years and growing!


* Restrictions apply. Use up to 125% of your normal monthly usage as determined by Santanna Energy Services