Santanna Energy Services has expanded their territories in Pennsylvania to include 943 additional ZIP codes in the eastern half of the state. Santanna has served PECO electric and natural gas customers since 2017. Now, they will also be offering electric service to customers in the following utility areas:

  • Duquesne Light
  • Pennsylvania Power & Light Co.

Beyond Pennsylvania, Santanna offers a variety of Natural Gas and Electricity plans to thousands of residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional customers in Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana.

Greg Rabaey, President at Santanna Energy Services, is excited about the opportunity to serve more customers in Pennsylvania. Rabaey states: “I’m delighted that consumers in Pennsylvania, in the PPL and Duquesne service territories, will be able to experience the Santanna Difference. For over 30 years, Santanna has been an expert at creating simple, easy to understand energy plans that fit your budget. Welcome to the Santanna Difference!”

With this expansion, Santanna will open their doors for many more neighbors and friends.

Santanna Energy is 100% employee owned which means your energy plans are in the hands of energy specialists who treat customers like part of the family, not just a number in a system. Santanna delivers Convenience, Value, and Simplicity to every customer, which means:



  • Enrolling in a plan takes less than 10 minutes.
  • No Service Interruption.
  • 7 days to switch back to the utility company. No cost and no hassle.


  • Premium shopping discounts and local deals through their online Rewards program. 500,000 opportunities to save!
  • Innovative energy plans, like Predict-A-Bill and Prime Plus.


  • For over 30 years Santanna has created simple energy plans that are easy to choose and easy to use.
  • Customers can free up their time to spend it on what matters most to them!


For over 32 years, Santanna Energy has provided peace of mind energy all year long.

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Santanna Energy Services is constantly working on new products and plans to fit everyone’s lifestyle needs! For many years to come, Santanna Energy will remain committed to the success of its employees, customers, and community. Once they switch to Santanna Energy, they join a family.

For more information on Santanna Energy’s plans or to enroll in a plan, call 630-552-6881 or go online to:

About Santanna Energy Services
Santanna Energy Services, located in Austin, TX and Bolingbrook IL, is a Natural Gas and Electricity Provider for Residential, Commercial, Institutional and more. Founded in 1988, Santanna has been in business for 32 years and growing!