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Welcome to Santanna Energy Services! We are a premiere Alternative Energy Company that can provide your Natural Gas and Electricity. Switch to Santanna Energy, pay your bill every month and get REWARDED in our New Customer Rewards Program. At Santanna, we’ll bring value to your home!

A plan to fit everyone’s lifestyle needs!

Our fixed rate plans can help you secure your monthly energy bill by locking in a low price that never increases for the duration of your contract of 3, 6, 12 or 18 months depending on the product. Many customers like the price security of a Fixed Rate Plan because the price is secured for the term whereas variable plans may fluctuate up or down each month.

Then get REWARDED every time you pay your bill!

How does it work?

When delivery starts, you receive natural gas and/or electricity from our supply to your home or business through your current utility. Think of your utility company as a delivery service that also offers energy. When you do business with us, you still receive the same quality energy, delivered the same way, with one bill from your utility. You simply pay the price for our energy instead of theirs. You can sign up with Santanna Energy Services at any time. Utility choice programs are open for enrollment and participation is strictly voluntary.

Your current utility will still be responsible for installing, operating and maintaining their meters and gas or electricity distribution system. You will still contact your current utility in an emergency situation such as a gas leak or fire or power outage. They will also continue to read your meters, and invoice you for the distribution of your gas and/or electric.

Reward yourself in more ways than one!

Better than a regular fixed price program with protection from increases in rates AND the security of lowered rates when market prices drop below your fixed rate.

Then get REWARDED every time you pay your bill!

How does Gold Prime PLUS work? A guaranteed fixed price per unit with reduced rate option. This plan is the best of both worlds – protection from rate increases with the benefit of paying a lower price if the market decreases. This plan guarantees you won’t pay more than your price per unit for 12 months, even if market prices go up. With the Rate Reduction Benefit, if market prices go down, you pay the lower price, guaranteed!

You are already using Natural Gas and Electricity for cooking, laundy, showers and more! Switch to a supplier that makes life easier! Santanna Energy Services is a leading competitive energy company, offers a variety of options for you to choose from.

You Automatically Get Enrolled In Our

Rewards Program Once You Sign Up!

$25 Month – $300 Yearly – Never Expire

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Customer service is always nice and pleasant .I have almost been with them few years now and been pleased ..
Uriel Salgado
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Annette provided me with great customer service!
Daniel Coll
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Ashley answered all my questions and gave great customer service.