Spring is coming...time to get your house in order!

Spring is almost here so it makes it the perfect time to start spring cleaning! Nothing feels better than a clean house in the springtime. Here’s an easy breakdown to keep you on top of things. The best way is to tackle one room at a time. Give yourself a timeline for each room, such as a week per room and by the time spring gets here you’ll have a spring-ready home!


-Clean out refrigerator, wipe shelves and drawers

-Organize cabinets, refrigerator and pantry

-Clean sink

-Wipe down all appliances

-Wipe down all walls, doors and baseboards

-Sweep and mop floors

-Wash windows


-Dust light fixtures, picture frames and décor

-Wash windows

-Wipe down light switches and baseboards

-Vacuum the rug

-Vacuum vents

-Replace your air filters


-Wipe down table and chairs

-Vacuum or mop the floor

-Wash windows and blinds



-Go through the closets and organize/donate

-Clean out under the bed

-Wipe down light switches

-Wash all bedding

-Wash windows and blinds

-Dust light fixtures/ceiling fans/dressers/end tables


-Clean toilet bowls

-Clean sinks and mirrors

-Scrub showers and tubs

-Wipe down cabinets

-Vacuum and mop floors

-Organize medicine cabinets and under the sinks


-Organize coats and other things within closet

-Dust off the shelves

-Organize shoes

Happy Spring Cleaning!!!