Swimming Pool Energy Saving Tips

Summer is fully upon us here in the Midwest, which means it is time to get in the pool! Despite all of the fun and relaxation that a pool offers, there is also the negative effects – energy use. According to Oracle Power, homes with pools consume 49% more electricity and 19% more natural gas than a home without a pool. To put things in perspective, that’s around a $500 energy bill increase per year depending on where you live!

What factors contribute to these higher energy bills and higher energy use? The first, and most expensive, factor is the pool pump. The pool pump on average circulates around 20,000 gallons of water per day! That generally makes the pool pump the second costliest electrical device in a household, behind the air conditioner. If you have a pool heater keeping your pool nice and warm, then you are adding a higher cost onto either your electric or natural gas bill. Most pools are heated by natural gas heaters, rather than an electric heater, which adds an additional cost to your natural gas bill.

With all of this extra energy use, it is easy to see why energy bills increase in the months that swimming pools are in use. Luckily, there are a few ways to help alleviate the blow on your energy bills.

1. Use a pool cover to keep your pool clean and warm. The pool cover helps keep dirt and leaves from entering the pool while reducing water evaporation, and absorbing warmth from direct sunlight. This will in turn require your pool pump to run less and your pool heater to run less as well.
2. Use a variable-speed pump instead of a single-speed pump. The variable speed pump maximizes energy efficiency and can reduce electricity consumption by up to 75%.
3. Reduce the run time on your pool pump. If the pool pump is simply used for the minimum run time versus a constant run time, electricity use is cut immensely.
4. If you only use the pool on certain days or only on weekends, consider reducing the pool heater temperature to save energy.
5. Keep drains, intake grates, and filters clear of debris to reduce resistance.

In addition to these tips, you may consider looking at your electricity and natural gas supply price during the months your pool is open. Many electricity and natural gas providers have rates that fluctuate each month, which may cause spikes on your energy bills. Consider using an alternative energy supplier, such as Santanna Energy Services, to lock into a fixed electricity and natural gas rate for the entire duration of the contract.