Customer satisfaction is top priority at Santanna Energy Services. Our Midwest based Customer Service Representatives are highly trained seasoned veterans who will help answer your questions quickly and accurately. They take pride in their work, and recognize that their efforts have an impact on Santanna’s success. We have been committed to working together with our customers to achieve shared goals for over 25 years.


Choosing an energy company may be confusing. At Santanna Energy Services, we take out the guess work. With over 25 years in the energy business, we employ compassionate customer service agents who will educate you through the process of switching from your energy provider.

It is important to know:

  • You will still receive delivery of your gas and electric through your current utility company or energy provider
  • Your current service will not be disrupted during the transition
  • Emergency services and billing will be the responsibility of utility company or energy provider
  • Receive one bill from your current utility company or energy provider
  • Santanna never charges sign-up fees
  • No long term contracts


Reducing our global footprint is of great significance at Santanna. We encourage all of our customers to enroll in paperless communications to reduce paper use. Through paperless communication, paper usage is greatly reduced, decreasing our global footprint immensely. If you would like to provide Santanna with your email address, call our customer service center at 800.764.4427 or send an email to our customer service address at with your account information.

For more information call us at: 800.764.4427 x222 or

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