Premium Service Storage

Premium Service Storage Program

Santanna’s Premium Service Storage Program provides all customers the benefit of natural gas storage. This program allows Santanna customers to store extra gas throughout the summer when prices are historically lower. The gas delivered to a Santanna customer’s account may be more in the summer (storage injection) and less in the winter (storage withdrawal) than actual consumption. Other natural gas suppliers also store gas in the summer (as required by most deregulated programs) for use in the winter, but they wait to charge their customers at the higher, winter rates when their customers consume the gas. This means that those companies keep the potential benefits of the stored gas for themselves. Santanna’s Premium Service Storage Program passes the benefits of storage on to its customers.

Storage Helps You Budget Your Energy Expenses

Santanna’s Premium Service Storage Program provides all customers the benefit of natural gas storage. The illustration shows the difference between consumption based purchases, compared to purchases with the benefits of storage. The illustration shows purchases with storage (red) and purchases to meet ONLY consumption (dark blue) over a one year period. Without storage, purchases (deliveries) would be the same as consumption; high in the winter, and low in the summer. With Storage, purchases (Santanna deliveries) will be higher than consumption in the summer, BUT in the winter purchases will be less than consumption. Not only does this tend to level your purchases throughout the year and help budget energy expenses, it can prove to have an economic advantage for you!

STORAGE – Do you want the least expensive gas or do you want the least expensive gas program?

Santanna, unlike most competitors, leaves the benefit of storage to our customers. Storage is an integral part of almost every deregulated gas transportation program offered by utilities in the state of Illinois. Even if a customers program is based upon a fixed sales price, storage offers the benefit of leveling your gas bills from summer to winter. Higher bills in the summer, but lower bills in the winter. Although a Santanna competitor also fills storage during the summer with typically less expensive gas, they do not bill the customer for the storage gas during the summer. During the winter, this less expensive stored gas is delivered to the customer, at the typically higher winter prices. The supplier has the benefit of Storage.