Power Outage Safety Tips

You’re sitting at home watching TV, and it’s starting to rain and get very windy outside. As the gusts of wind and rain hit your home, you begin to wonder: “Will this storm make the power go out?” Many of us have experienced this scenario, or a power outage of some sort. However, we have not all been prepared for this scenario in terms of staying safe. With these power outage safety tips, you can be prepared and stay safe.

Power outages present a number of potential safety risks.  These risks include exposure to extreme temperatures, water/flooding danger, injury risk, and more. In order to avoid these risks and remain safe during power outages, consider the following power outage safety tips.

Before the power outage

  • Stock up on first aid supplies, flashlights, and batteries
  • Have your cell phone and battery powered devices charged
  • Ensure there is gas in your vehicles in the case you need to evacuate your home
  • If possible, have your generator full of gas to provide power as necessary
  • Have water and food ready for consumption during the outage

 During the power outage

  • Turn on flashlights when necessary, avoid using candles if possible as they can cause fire
  • If it is cold outside, put on layers of warm clothing and consider moving to another location that has heat to keep warm
  • If it is extremely warm outside, move to a cooler part of your home such as the basement or the lowest level of your home
  • Stay hydrated and eat food as necessary
  • Keep the fridge and freezer doors shut to avoid spoiling of food
  • If possible, run your generator and power your homes electrical system or sump pump to avoid flooding
  • Call your local utility provider to report the outage


Studying these tips will keep you prepared in the case of a power outage. As a bonus tip, if your energy rate is constantly fluctuating, consider an alternative energy supplier, such as Santanna Energy Services to lock into a fixed rate. If you would like to view our rates, simply click here!