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Same Price – Always On, Always Available, Always Unlimited.

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Available now for residential customers in Illinois, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

No Surprises Just Unlimited Energy

What is Unlimited Energy?

It might be easier to start with what Unlimited Energy is NOT. Our Unlimited Energy Plan is not surprising. It’s not unpredictable. It’s not stressful. And it’s not hard. Much like an unlimited cell phone plan, you simply pay the same amount every month no matter how much you use**. Cold winter? Turn up the heat. Hot Summer? Crank the air, and you still won’t be surprised by your bill.

We’ll do the work to design just the right plan…as you enjoy your life with unlimited energy.

Why Choose an Unlimited Energy Plan?

Even if you’re the kind of person who loves surprises, there are some things you want know in advance — like how much you’ll owe for energy, no matter how much you use

It’s Simple

Your cell phone is the best example of how this plan works. You can always count on the service for whatever amount you need and never wonder about the cost.

It’s Unlimited

There’s peace of mind in knowing exactly what to budget every month for your energy bill. No sudden spike or surprises, no matter what life brings.

It’s Predictable

You’ll pay the same monthly amount, so you always know how much you will have to pay for electricity without any uncertainty.

Say Goodbye to Bill Shock and Hello to Happy Energy with Unlimited Power

An unlimited energy plan is a way to pay for your electricity that’s super simple and hassle-free. Instead of paying for every unit of electricity you use, you pay one set amount each month. This means you can use as much electricity as you want without having to worry about paying extra**. And the best part? You’ll always know how much you’re going to pay, making it easy to plan and budget.

Unlimited Energy, Unlimited Peace Of Mind

  • Same Bill Every Month: You will always know how much you have to pay for electricity each month.
  • Easy to Plan: Knowing how much you will pay each month makes it easier to plan and budget your household expenses.
  • Relax and Enjoy: You can use electricity without worry because you will always know what you will have to pay.

Easy Energy Solutions for Your Home. More Peace of Mind.

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Santanna Customers Get Rewarded Every Month

As part of our mission to create life-long relationships by providing quality service to customers, communities, and employees Santanna customers automatically earn Rewards Dollars every month just by paying their bills.

Fair Prices. No Tricks. No Hidden Fees.

Our team is committed to providing seriously competitive energy solutions that have up-front pricing. We’re available 5 days a week to help answer any questions you have about our solutions or the options available to you.

How it Works

You can put your credit card away. You’ll continue to pay for your energy the same way you always have directly to your distribution company, with no interruption. You just pick the new plan you want, and we coordinate all of the technical details with the distribution company on your behalf.

No. We don’t replace your distribution company; we work with it on your behalf to change what it delivers. Distribution companies don’t create energy plans, they just have one option. If that doesn’t appeal to you, get an energy expert in your corner like Santanna that offers a variety of energy solutions for every energy lifestyle.

Most people don’t know that energy, like other retail products, comes in different packages. Santanna offers several types of energy plans that your utility (distribution company) simply doesn’t offer, which you can learn more about below. 

Choosing Santanna means choosing an energy plan that better fits your energy lifestyle, instead of relying on the one-size solution the distribution company gives you. Don’t get us wrong, distribution companies are great at what they do, getting the energy from point A to point B. Without them, you couldn’t read this! They’re called distribution companies for a reason though, moving energy is their bread and butter. Building energy solutions is a completely different specialty. 

That’s where Santanna comes in. What we’re great at is making smart energy decisions about the types of energy plans that fit your needs. We’ve been in business for over 30 years and have serviced over half a million homes across the Midwest, and here is why that should be important to you: 

  • We’ve got purchasing power 
    • Much like any other kind of bulk purchase, we buy wholesale energy in mind-boggling quantities (Seriously, Doc Brown would be impressed) which means we can offer seriously competitive rates that you can lock in for a lot longer than you can with your distribution company. 
  • We’ve got storage 
    • It turns out, winter comes every year! Remember that old story about the ant and the grasshopper? We’re the ant. We work hard all summer long buying and storing natural gas in massive underground tanks for your benefit. We plan ahead so that once winter arrives, your family can keep the heater running without worrying about how much natural gas costs today.
  • We’re nimble 
    • Most people tune out when they hear things like “futures prices on the NYMEX.” Some people get excited about that kind of thing though. We hire those kinds of people, and they work hard every day navigating the hurdles of future energy prices today so that you can have secure energy plans tomorrow.
  • We build energy plans that we’d want to buy 
    • Santanna is an employee-owned company. We work from the bottom up, not the top down. Meaning, all Santanna employees have a voice in the energy solutions we provide, and because we live in the same neighborhoods that you do, we have the same energy needs that you do. So, our solution is simple. We just create the types of solutions we’d want to buy.

When you choose a Santanna Energy plan, there won’t be any impact to the pipes, wires, or physical delivery process of energy to your home. The pipes and wires to your house are permanent. The energy distribution companies that actually control the delivery of natural gas and electricity to your home are permanent. However, the energy plan that you choose that gets delivered to your home is what you have the power to change.

We understand that the idea of switching your energy supplier can be confusing and that you probably don’t want to “break something.” To that we say, try us for 90-days and see how you like it! Energy isn’t something most people deal with regularly, which is why we want you to have an energy expert like Santanna in your corner.  

You can’t actually break anything, and your switch isn’t permanent. If you hate us, we’ll be heartbroken, but we won’t be clingy. We believe everyone should choose an energy plan that fits their lifestyle, even if that means not choosing us. 

Compare us to your old supplier, and if you’re not impressed, you can leave us early without any early termination or cancellation fee in the first 90-days.

Here’s what some of our customers are saying about Santanna.

Easy Energy Solutions for Your Home. More Peace of Mind.

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* Santanna Energy Services works in partnership with American Forests. For every Earth-Friendly Santanna Energy Services gas or electricity plan that you purchase, 12 trees will be planted on your behalf.
** Restrictions apply. Enrollment based upon program eligibility. Customers using more than 125% of normal monthly usage as determined by Santanna may be required to switch plans.