Press Release Santanna Energy Services Announces Quality Recognition




Santanna Energy Services (Santanna) is pleased to announce that it has been recognized by the Quality Texas Foundation (QTF), for its progress and commitment to performance excellence.  QTF encourages the use of the Malcom Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence to drive organizational efficiency and effectiveness.  QTF, presented to Santanna, a “Commitment Level” recognition, which recognizes that Santanna has begun using quality principles in a systematic way, to build a sound management processes, based upon learning and innovation.


Santanna recently celebrated its 30th anniversary as a retail energy provider.  Santanna serves 100,000 customers, and nearly 200,000 RCEs in Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.


“This is an important step forward on a long journey to performance excellence.” said Doug Cueller, CEO of Santanna.  “We began this journey in early 2017, when Santanna made the successful transition to an Employee Owned company.  Shortly after this transition, we adopted the Malcom Baldrige Framework for Performance Excellence.  The Baldrige Framework will be an important tool, in our long-term strategy to develop the leadership necessary for Santanna to be successful for the next 30 years.”


For more information, please contact Chris Riepe at or visit the Santanna Energy Services website at Santanna Energy Services, an employee-owned business, is one of the original pioneers of low cost energy.


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