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Since natural gas is a commodity item, there is a potential for savings. However, like the stock market, your potential to save must be balanced against your tolerance for market volatility. SES can help establish this tolerance and advise you on a program that satisfies your individual needs. We will provide you with the information, options, and choices that you need to make an educated decision.

transportation program

Choose from two different pricing options:



Natural gas is a commodity where prices change daily, weekly, and monthly. Under an Market Price program, your gas sales price is based on the published price in the Natural Gas Intelligence (NGI) Newsletter. NGI is an independent source – giving you confidence that you’ll receive the most competitive natural gas rate. Price comparisons show the SES Market Price program with Santanna’s Premium Service Storage is more attractive than programs offered by other alternative suppliers.



Are you worried about high prices or price volatility? Under the Fixed Price Security program you’ll receive the security of a constant gas sales price, PLUS the benefit of Santanna’s Premium Service Storage program. This program allows you to level your gas purchase throughout the year – and budget your energy expenses.


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