The Benefits of Using Natural Gas

Part of being a smart consumer is staying informed on the energy that your home or business is using. In this blog post, Santanna Energy goes over the advantages of using natural gas, from benefits for the consumer to benefits for the environment.

Natural Gas Benefits for Consumers

Consumers can enjoy lower rates when they use natural gas to heat their homes and businesses. Natural gas is half as expensive as heating alternatives such as coal and oil and by switching, consumers can potentially enjoy over $5,000 of savings over a 15 year period. 

Additionally, natural gas is deregulated meaning that consumers have a choice on who they want to purchase their natural gas services from, giving them control over the price they pay. 

Natural gas also has an advantage over its alternatives when natural disasters take place. Natural gas is delivered via underground pipelines so when storms hit, consumers can expect their natural gas supply will go uninterrupted even in emergency situations. 

Along with reliability, natural gas customers can enjoy the versatility natural gas brings. Natural gas can be used to dry clothes, heat water, can be used outdoors to heat pools or hot tubs or for grilling and barbecuing.

Natural Gas Benefits for the Environment

In addition to consumer benefits, natural gas is better for the environment than other fossil fuels. Natural gas is the cleanest of all fossil fuels and produces less carbon dioxide emissions than burning coal or oil. Coal and oil are composed of more complex molecules and contains higher amounts of carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur and when combusted creates a larger amount of harmful emissions than natural gas.

In addition to traditional natural gas, renewable natural gas, or biomethane, provides additional benefits. Renewable natural gas is derived from the decomposition of organic materials from landfills, livestock operations, or wastewater treatments that have been purified to standards. Capturing biogas from these sources prevents large amounts of methane from being released and thereby helping to lower greenhouse gases.

Whether it’s savings or environmental benefits, consumers can expect many benefits from using natural gas. If you’re looking to switch your home to natural gas today, contact us to get you set up with service at an affordable rate complete with a rewards program to put more savings back in your pocket!

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