6 Spooktacular Ways to Recycle items for Halloween Costumes

We all look forward to Halloween’s tasty treats, silly tricks and cute costumes. However, buying a costume made from cheap materials each year adds up. Tossing aside a barely used outfit (especially for growing kids) is both bad for your wallet and the environment. Instead of going out and buying costume kits, dig through your child’s closet or your storage space and see if you have any of the following items that are perfect for a homemade Halloween costume!


Grab that unused umbrella you store in the coat closet, snag an old hoodie, get some sewing supplies, and get ready to create a clever, but practical, bat-inspired costume. Do not splurge and buy an expensive costume. Just unscrew the top of an umbrella and deconstruct it so it lays flat. Once you have popped off the wires that hold the umbrella’s structure together, you can cut the fabric in half. The two pieces of material can now operate as wings! Simply sew the wings to a hoodie. You have got a bat costume that is sure to wow neighbors.

Black dress

A black dress isn’t something that’s hard to find. Chances are you already have one in your closet or stored away in the attic. With a black dress, your imagination can run wild. Consider dressing up as a classic, yet powerful, witch. Grab a black hat and a broom!


Most people do not have a cape around the house, but you might have one from a previous costume. Recycle that old cape and use it for this year’s Halloween celebrations. No matter whether you dress up as a fantastic super hero or a mysterious vampire, a cape will make the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. You might want to dye the cape black or purple to bring the ensemble full circle. Dig around for extra eco-friendly accessories, such as jewelry, makeup or extra fabric, to complete the look.

Plaid Shirt

As a wardrobe essential, a plaid shirt can be transformed from your everyday wear into a whimsical costume with a few simple additions. One idea is to dress up as a lumberjack. However, you might want to skip out on the axe (or simply make one out of recycled cardboard) to play it safe. If you do not want to be a lumberjack, you can easily go back in time to the 90s and pair your plaid shirt with a portable CD player, a backwards cap and a pair of high-tops.


Old Box

While this may not be the most obvious choice, you can easily upcycle boxes and create your own unique costumes out of them – including a dinosaur! Find a sturdy, rectangular box and cut an opening large enough for your head at the bottom. Then cut out a spot for a mouth, and be sure to stencil in teeth in the process. Add eyes with markers or other items around your house. If you want to create a tail or other dinosaur-like features, find an additional box and cut out whatever you need. The sky is the limit with what you can create.

Extra bed sheets

If you want a timeless costume idea, go old-school and dress up as a ghost by using extra bed sheets. All you have to do is cut out holes to see through, and you’ve got an easy-to-make Halloween costume. Also, be sure to hem longer sheets so you don’t trip.


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