Why Choose Santanna Energy Services?

“Our company, your values . . . Santanna!”

Santanna Energy Services is an energy marketing company that serves thousands of commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential customers. For 30 years, Santanna Energy Services has delivered Premium Service and Competitive Prices.

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“To create life-long relationships by providing quality service to customers, communities and employees. 


“To be the energy supplier of choice.


  • Commitment
  • Honesty
  • Outstanding Service Quality
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Excellence

Key Business Drivers:

  • EMPLOYEES -Employees are Santanna’s core asset. Exceptional employee skills and talents drive the company future.
  • CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE – A positive customer experience results in improved customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.
  • SERVICE QUALITY –  Santanna strives to provide superior service to our customers throughout all areas of our business to ensure we exceed customer expectations.
  • ACCURACY – Accurate data and processes underpin the success of Customer Service, Customer Billing, Forecasting and Marketing.
  • VALUE – Santanna’s products must deliver value to the customer and Santanna’s decisions must deliver value to the company and the Employee Owners.

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STAR 96.7 – The River 95.9 – WCCQ 98.3 – WJOL 1340



SES_BolingbrookSantanna Energy Services offers a variety of business and residential energy solutions designed by professionals to increase potential savings.Electric and natural gas prices from your primary energy companies can fluctuate based any number of factors. 

Fortunately for homeowners in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio there is an sensible alternative. At Santanna Energy Services, our fixed rate plan can help you secure your monthly energy bill by locking in a low price that never increases for the duration of the contract.

Santanna Energy Services has surpassed 25 years in the energy business. We serve thousands of commercial, industrial, institutional, residential and small business customers in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. We are:

For more information call us at: 800.764.4427 x222 or

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