Why Should You Choose An Alternative Energy Supplier?

What is an alternative energy supplier?


An independent energy supplier or alternative energy supplier is the company that gives you the actual electricity or natural gas that you use. Depending on the state and area you live in, you have the option to choose who supplies your electricity or natural gas.

Utility Company or Provider

An electric utility company delivers electricity to your home or business. They own the wires or pipelines that lead into your home. You cannot choose another delivery company.

You have the option to choose who you buy from, but you do not have the option to choose who it is delivered by.

How using an alternative energy supplier can control your energy costs

Locked in prices

By using an alternative energy supplier, you can lock yourself into a low fixed price allowing for a constant energy price and avoiding unknown variable pricing. You could also simply find a lower rate compared to what you are paying now through an alternative energy supplier. The best way that you can tell if you can find a more cost-effective price is to grab your last energy bill for comparison and get a quote from an alternative energy supplier.


Independent energy suppliers have more freedom to negotiate prices for electricity and natural gas. Your utility company charges a fee for delivery. The consumer’s choices can determine the actual price of the electricity or natural gas.

How to determine if you are eligible

To determine which companies you are eligible to buy energy services from, you can go to your states energy choice website. For your convenience, we have listed the energy choice websites for the states we service below.

Illinois Electricity Choices

Illinois Natural Gas Choices

Indiana NIPSCO Natural Gas choice program

Michigan Electricity Choice

Michigan Natural Gas Choice

Ohio Energy Choice

You can also receive quotes from individual alternative energy websites by entering your zip code on their website and receiving custom energy quotes.

Some companies also have requirements for usage. Check each supplier’s website to determine eligibility requirements.

Start using an alternative energy supplier today

If you want to look into using an alternative energy supplier today, feel free to enter your zip code below and check out our rates. It takes just a few minutes to enroll and avoid unknown variable pricing.

If you are a medium or large commercial business, these rates may not be applicable. To receive an accurate quote, please call us at 800-764-4427